‚ÄčIt's plain and simple, really. I had no choice but to become an artist. I was placed in a long line of brains that have to exude talent from their fingers whether that be by paint, camera, by worship, by music, by drawing, bleaching articles of clothing, ceoi ponds, delivering mail, or planting enormous amounts of bulbs every spring, you name it, our family dabbled in it. Just so happens, God gave me paint. I like paint. I like the way it smells and gets in your fingernails and ends up on all of your favorite clothes. I love that it drips & mingles & the way oils look right next to each other.

I also studied photography. Mostly the kind that you do in a very dark room where you hope you don't run into other people or where you learn people by the inflection in their voices or the shape of their waste (as you bump around) and not their face. My true love though, if i am honest is paint and writing. You can find my blog here. Besides those forms of art, I spend time doing hair. I have walking canvases... canvases that have all sorts of different hair, clients with pet pigs, or love to kayak, or clients who were brought to america by Mother Theresa herself, clients who love change or never change their hair or really only come in for the head massage, rather than the company. More than most things, I pride myself in the grace God has given me to get to stand next to my husband as he applauds me inmy ideas and my crazy adventures and as he pushes me to grow in the talents God has given me. We travel together which gives me inspiration, we live in a crinkly little beautiful home in a far-from-perfect neighborhood on the grand river which floods every year, that I cannot describe to you how much i'm in love with. our house is small and the electric in the back bedroom never got finished to completion and I still want to eventually iron my curtains, but and i am learning that in every situation I want to say thank you. I am surrounded by friends and family that I could not do this life without. mostly, I give all credit to Jesus who has saved me and given me perfect hope for the future. I hope that in all of my work-- paint, writing, people, & hair--it all tells the story of Jesus because he has walked me to where I am now. I heart you.